Sound Absorption + Masking

Allermuir – Haven Lounge – The high back sofa provides excellent personal privacy, a haven, within a busy world. 

BuzziSpace – BuzziBooth & BuzziHood – Innovative furnishings that inspire interaction through simple, sustainable, and acoustically-driven design. 

Cambridge Sound Management – Direct-field sound masking. Behind all products is the patented Qt Quiet Technology, a low voltage, distributed audio system that is a generation ahead in sound masking, paging and voice distribution.

Dauphin – Junxion Lounge – Space enhancement collaborative product with power and data integrated into noise reduction foam walls. 

Davis – Kontour Lounge – Modular seating with screens can be arranged to create strong visual interest and select pieces are available with surface power and data access allowing Kontour to transition from a place of rest to a place for work.

Filzfelt – Curtains, Baffles, Planks, etc. – Design Felt is high quality, eco-friendly (wool content), comes in highly saturated colors, and is perfect for demanding design applications.

Kirei – Echo Panel Office – Wrap & Paling modular partition system with high style sound reduction for creative spaces. 

Koroseal – Sound Designs – Interior Products offers a wide array of acoustical  products specifically designed to manage sound in virtually any interior space.

LOFTwall –Wave Wall & Flex – Room divider and privacy partition solutions for commercial, office, education, healthcare and residential spaces. 

Omni Pacific – Sound Paneled Pump Enclosure Bench –San Diego based manufacturing organization that specializes in office furniture, modular cabinetry, and custom solutions for commercial interiors. 

Seeyond -3D Acoustic Wall Facings – Architectural Solutions empowers design that can See Beyond your concept of wall facing

Trendway – Volo modular walls – Tailor Volo to achieve the ultimate acoustic privacy.

3form –  Studio Wovin Wall- 3D Textile .