Be Active + Engaged In Your Workspace

Want to improve employees' health? Skip the yoga classes and the wellness workshops–a healthy lifestyle can start simply with your office's interior design.

Office furniture manufacturer Humanscale showcased its latest “active office” products, aimed at maximizing workers” movements throughout the day to maintain their health.

Research shows that sitting all day long is not only bad for health, but lowers performance. Humanscale tries to solve that problem by offering office furniture that encourages people get away from their traditional static pose. “It gives people the freedom to be more comfortable and healthy in the workplace,” says Chris Gibson, Humanscale's head of product management and marketing.

Here's a brief look at the three latest products that may help you upgrade your office decor and your employees' well-being.

1. Trea Chair
The future of office room design is “multipurpose,” says Trea creator, Todd Bracher, a Brooklyn, New York-based industrial designer. While the chair is intended for a variety of spaces, it has an extremely simple  look. Without any buttons built in, the chair allows users to lean back, and the contoured back will adjust accordingly. The idea is that even though many office chairs give users the option to recline with a button push on the side of the chair, many people would never use that function. 

2. Ballo
Created by furniture designer Don Chadwick, the Ballo draws inspiration from fitness products, and promotes the idea of “active sitting.”  Body movement is almost unavoidable when you”re sitting on the Ballo, which makes it natural for employees to stretch and relax. 

3. QuickStand
Want to stand up for 15 minutes but continue to work? Float Table, Humanscale's product from a couple years ago, addressed that problem by offering users a height-adjustable desk that can be fixed at a desired position. 

The QuickStand is an add-on to the existing desks in offices. Users can clamp the product to their fixed-height desks and adjust the platform to their desired height, similar to the Float Table. The QuickStand offers a great alternative for height adjust-ability without the high cost. 

This piece was written by:

 YOLANDA LU Editorial Intern, Inc.