The classroom is no longer just a place to sit and pay attention...or to daydream for that matter. We need innovative solutions that offers:

Flexibility, Collaboration, + Technology-Driven Capabilities

These integrated solutions and capabilities in furnishings can make a difference in creating positive and efficient learning environments. Kimball Office provides solutions that support the education market as it continually evolves. Redefine + enhance any space from:

  • Administration Offices

  • Cafeterias

  • Classrooms

  • Common Areas

  • Libraries

  • Meeting Spaces

  • Receptions

  • Technology Labs

Whether you are redesigning a college campus or K-12 institution, Kimball Office products are designed with a variety of teaching and learning styles in mind. All products are created with the intent to be:

  • Aesthetic, Quiet, + Comfortable

  • Affordable + Sustainable

  • Durable + Maintainable

  • Healthy + Safe


From classrooms, training rooms, to lecture halls; students need the comfort + technology flexibility at their desk to focus on lecture or to collaborate among their classmates. 


"See one, do one, teach one."  

Students retain lectures, concepts, + teachings when they practice and collaborate among their peers. Collaboration is key to forming connections and deeper understanding of concepts. Students teaching each other in a collaborative environment is an important learning tool. 


Students are not the only ones that need an environment that allows them to be active and productive. Administrative offices also need to have interactive and collaborative areas for the exchanging of ideas and meetings.