To Bench Or Not To Bench

Hum. Minds At Work

Hum. Minds At Work

There is a new buzz word in the office furniture industry - benching.  It is not the traditional bench that first comes to mind.  Benching is a European style of an open work area, with little to no visual dividers between the work areas.  It creates a unified appearance combined with function and flexibility. Creating an area that encourages creativity, collaboration, + team work.

This open style of work areas  utilizes areas of a workspace which you could never of imagine before.  Employees can sit adjacent to one another or face-to-face.  

Cost Saving

Since there are no bulky cubicle walls it can save 10% – 15% per workstation, which can be a large cost savings for any company.  

Another added benefit is the mobility +  ease of re-configuring the existing space as the company grows. The overall benefits of adaptability, openness, collaboration, design, and cost effectiveness make it easy to see how benching is becoming the new workspace.