Laminate vs Veneer...& The Winner Is?

There are many different types of work surfaces currently in the market + they can have the look and feel of real wood or be white and ultra modern.  Choosing the right surface for your needs and your budget may be a bit confusing.  The most common work surface are laminate and veneer.


High pressure decorative laminate (HPDL) is commonly used as the decorative surface for residential and commercial counter tops, cabinets, work surfaces, laboratory surfaces, back splashes, walls, and floors. It is composed of different layers of papers then bonded with high pressure and heat. A resin is applied during the final stages that creates a durable barrier.  The resin will protect against scuffs, dings, stains, and fading due to sunlight. These surfaces are best used in high traffic areas, hospitals, classrooms, and general offices.


Veneer is thinly sliced (1/40th of a inch) dried wood. It is applied to a solid backing like MDF which is the backbone.  The benefit of this application  gives you a real wood feel without the cost and the use of the quantity of wood needed.  Veneer tends to be more costly than laminates and are frequently incorporated in executive offices, conference room, reception desks, and home offices. 

Regardless of what you choose there are hundreds of colors, patterns, and finishes to choose from.  It can be a nice way to add a personal touch to your workspace.  The staff at b+c  can assist you in helping to make the right choice for your needs.