IIDA Fashion Show 2016

IIDA Fashion Show 2016 - Click the image for full details.

IIDA Fashion Show 2016 - Click the image for full details.

There’s an eager buzz around the b+c office today as the event we’ve waited months for finally arrives. Tonight is the International Interiors Design Association SoCal’s Haute Couture Fashion Show 2016. With a truly marvelous “Once Upon a Time” theme, the evening is sure to be filled with enchantment, as designers harness the Fairy Godmother’s magic to transform ordinary building materials into captivating works of sartorial art.


Having participated in previous years, b+c office interiors is going this evening as a purely excited spectator and can’t wait to experience the wonder that awaits.


The IIDA SoCal Fashion Show “Once Upon a Time” is tonight, 11/10, at the House of Blues San Diego. Doors open at 5:30pm, and the night will wrap up by 9pm so there’s no fear of turning into a pumpkin at midnight.


We’ll be posting pictures of the enchanted evening soon, so be sure to check them out!

Halloween Like It Used to Be

When I was eight years old, I had three different Halloween costumes. I marched in the school parade as Princess Jasmine and sashayed across the ballet studio as the Pink Power Ranger. For the main trick-or-treating event, I twisted rubber snakes into my hair, put on the previous year’s Morticia Addams dress, and called myself Medusa.


Now that I’m older, I look forward to hosting pumpkin carving gatherings and count down the days until it’s acceptable to bring out the Halloween lights. It doesn’t take much for me to get into that spooky spirit.


That being said, I do recognize that it’s not exactly sensible to go all out in the office. It’s probably not the best idea to deck everyone’s desk out with zombie caution tape, bring in a fog machine, or stick fake bloody handprints on the windows, especially if you frequently have clients in and out of the office. For the office, we might need to a “less is more” approach.


Tone down the decorating. Rather than picking up plastic monster tablecloths from Party City, why not invest in some quality harvest themed decorations that’ll last for years and can be used for both Halloween and Thanksgiving?


To get your office involved, give everyone their own mini pumpkin and have them deck it out with paint, markers, and stickers. You could assign each department a theme to work with (Things That Go Bump in the Night, Friends of Witches, Sea Creatures, etc.) or hold a contest to pick winners like “Scariest Face,” and “Friendliest Ghost.”


Candy has become an integral part of our Halloween traditions. But buying a bag just isn’t satisfying. Let’s bring back everyone’s favorite childhood activity: trick or treating. Place bowls of candy around and have each department take turns going around the office.


Too much of the childhood spirit gets lost in the day to day grind of being an adult. Halloween is a chance to reconnect to that whimsical nature you once had. I get it—responsibilities should come before dressing up like Batman, but on Halloween maybe there can be a bit more leeway. 

The Big Apple


Over the holidays, I ventured out into the  concrete jungle of Manhattan. I chatted with the locals, enjoyed the sights, smells, and delectable eats.

A Spark of Inspiration...

NYC inspired me with its structural elements and sporadic greenery. Here is my lookbook into the heart of the Big Apple. 
Samantha Nguyen

Spotlight: Angels Foster Family Network

Angels Foster Family Network (AFFN) was founded in 1998 with a mission for providing stable placement of children ranging from ages 0 to 5. Each foster family undergoes rigorous foster parent evaluation, training, and a certification process. Foster families promote healing, growth and willing commit to the permanent care of a foster care child until otherwise decided by the county or juvenile court. Angel's families break the cycle of children bouncing around from home to home with their commitment to permanency. 

Foster families and biological parents are bombarded with support from clinical case managers, trainers, and staff at AFFN. Help is always there-even with 24/7 on-call support.

Angels Foster Family Network is deeply committed to the children in their care and the families who support them. Join us in making a difference in these children's lives by providing support, love, + acknowledgement of AFFN's mission.