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An Office Love Story

The Perfect Office Chair

You knew it right away. You had finally found The One. The One that fit all the qualities you were looking for in an office chair, and when you sat down, you just knew.

At your desk you got to know one another, adjusting the arm rests, raising the seat to the right height for your posture. This chair supported you, comforted you.  

A year goes by. Maybe two. Maybe more. You come to the office in the morning, sit down with your coffee, and get to work. But your back hurts after a few hours of sitting and you start to fidget. You aren’t sure the chair can offer you the same support it once did. So you play around with the lumbar adjustments and sit on a pillow for cushioning, knowing these are just temporary solutions.

Sometimes you can make it work. Sometimes you can’t. That’s okay. Office chairs are built for durability and every day use, but they’re going to age with you and won’t always be the best fit for your health.

When it’s time to move on and your office chair’s wheels no longer roll, B+C Office Interiors is here to help you find the office chair that can give you the support you deserve.

office chair