A Look Back at Kimball 2018 Products

It was a busy year at Kimball. We introduced a variety of exciting new products for office, school, and healthcare. So many in fact, that you might have missed one or two. So here’s a quick recap.

January 2018 - Alterna
Alterna was designed to meet the changing needs of today’s work, learning and healing environments. Offering a broad spectrum of caseworks in different widths and heights, Alterna can be easily configured to suit any need — from public spaces to clinical areas, workspaces, break rooms, and more. And if your needs ever change, Alterna can easily be reconfigured.

Alterna is ADA compliant and comes in a variety of finishes and materials. https://www.kimball.com/furniture/storage/alterna/

February 2018 - Sycamore Metal
Our popular Sycamore collection has been expanded to include a metal frame. It offers medical facilities all the quality and comfort of Sycamore with the durability of metal. The Sycamore Metal collection includes single guest, tandem two-seat, tandem three-seat, bariatric, and patient seating options. https://www.kimball.com/furniture/seating/sycamore-metal/


March 2018 - Pep
Playful and simple in design, Pep adds a little fun to any space. Its contour shape provides comfort all day long while its durable structure ensures that it will be a part of your space for a long time to come. Available in multiple color, frame, and leg options. https://www.kimball.com/furniture/seating/pep/

March 2018 - fiXt
With its sturdy metal trusses, fiXt brings urban design into a workspace. Available as occasional tables, worktables, bookcases, and benches, fiXt can be used to enhance the look of any space, while its variety of surface materials makes it as functional as it is stylish. https://www.kimball.com/furniture/fiXt/


June 2018 - Joelle and Spruce Behavioral Wellness
Thoughtfully designed, Joelle and Spruce offer a solution to meet the unique and critical needs of today’s behavioral wellness facilities. Joelle’s ottomans and tables and Spruce’s single-seat lounge blend together to create safe environments that are both serene and comfortable, while still offering modern aesthetics and functional value.

August 2018 - Wilder
With its unique design, the Wilder collection invites visitors to sit down and relax. Its sophisticated style will make anyone who sits down almost forget that they’re in a medical facility. Available in lounge, guest and bench solutions, the Wilder Collection offers 360º cleanout design, wallsaver legs, and optional moisture barrier on seat and back. https://www.kimball.com/furniture/seating/wilder/

September 2018 - KORE Work Cart
With complete mobility, the KORE Work Cart allows you to move your workspace wherever you need to. Featuring a rechargeable battery pack for technology integration and optional height-adjustable work table, the KORE Work Cart is ready to go to work whenever, and wherever, you are. Available with optional storage cabinet. https://www.kimball.com/furniture/KORE-Work-Cart/


September 2018 Flip Upholstered Back
Flip has been enhanced to include an upholstered back and left-hand tablet. The same unique style with a thin profile and a seat that folds up to allow for convenient nesting and storage. Flip is available in all graded-in Kimball fabrics as well as COM on a new upholstered back. https://www.kimball.com/furniture/flip/

October 2018 - Poly Enhancements
Now available with arms and a counter-height stool, Poly brings mobility and lightness to a variety of spaces. Stackable and available in mesh or plastic with a wide variety of colors, Poly stands out in a crowd but fits right in any application. https://www.kimball.com/furniture/poly/

November 2018 - Xsede Height Adjust Enhancements and Power Beam/Panels
Enhanced for greater flexibility with enriched options, Xsede Height Adjust provides acoustic separation and privacy to support different work styles that foster creativity, well-being, and engagement. The new offerings of Xsede Power Beam and Power Panel enable complete connection by delivering power, data, and voice while creating integrated work surfaces and storage support.


December 2018 - Pep Counter-Height Stool
Pep has been expanded to include a counter-height stool. Constructed of tubular steel for increased strength, a multitude of shell colors are available to give personality and character to any work or play area. https://www.kimball.com/furniture/seating/pep/


December 2018 - Joya Counter-Height Stool
Now available in a counter-height stool, Joya has a 3½” seat cushion designed for increased comfort. The wallsaver leg keeps it from damaging the area while maximizing space. https://www.kimball.com/furniture/seating/joya/


December 2018 - Footprint Pullout Storage
Footprint’s extensive portfolio now includes a pullout cabinet that has space for personal storage with expandable privacy and technology integration. https://www.kimball.com/furniture/storage/footprint-pull-out/

Deskorations; How Will You Decorate Your Desk This Year?

Do you love the holidays? Are you looking for some new, creative ways to spread some holiday cheer around your office this season? Well look no further because we have a very special gift for you!

Decorating is a great way to kick off the holiday season, so why not start in your office? We’ve got the best deskoration inspiration ideas for just that! Let’s get started…

1. The mini desk tree

It’s official…anything mini is adorable + automatically liked. And a mini tree is way easier to decorate than a real one.

2. Light it up

Using a string of xmas lights can be a great way to brighten things up. Maybe not as much as the picture below but string them across your cubicle, or even across your desk.

3. Holiday greenery

Since biophillic is an important trend in today’s workplace, adding some seasonal foliage with a poinsettia or a wreath can help bring the outside in.

4. Computer frame

Think of your favorite holiday theme…then frame it around your computer. The possibilities are endless!

5. The cubicle theme

Go big or go home! If you’re really feeling the holiday spirit this year, deck your cubicle out in your favorite holiday setting!

6. Change your screen saver

If you’re looking to do the least amount of work as possible with decorating this year, we’ve got you covered. Changing your screen saver is a great way to show that you’re still festive without doing very much. We’ve even provided you with a holiday screen saver image below (you’re welcome).

7. Presents

Not actual ones of course, but using some small empty boxes or wrapping up random parts of your desk can be a fun addition! (we don’t suggest the whole thing but it’s funny to look at)

8. Chair slip covers

Slip into something a little more…festive. Our personal favorite is the classic Santa cover.

We hope our deskoration suggestions sparked some holiday creativity within you! If you decide to decorate your desk this year, snap a pic of your #deskoration + tag us! @bcofficeinteriors

Happy Holidays!