Meet the b + c Team! Beverly Arzola

We are very excited to announce a new segment we are starting...Meet the b + c team!

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This weeks spotlight member is our very own CFO Beverly Arzola! Beverly has over 12 years in the Commercial furniture industry.  She started working as an Operations Manager for a local dealership in 2001 and that began her love of the industry.  In 2006 Bev and her husband began their new endeavor and formed b + c Office Interiors. Taking care of the customer is one of the most important aspects of any long-term business relationship. Bev has made this her priority and has succeeded in continually going above and beyond for our clients to ensure their satisfaction.


Can't get enough of Bev?! Let's get to know her a little better...


Fun facts:

Who inspires you?

My husband, Carlos.

What is the most important thing that you have learned in the last five years?

Learn to let things go that you cannot control.

Motto or personal mantra?

Live life to its fullest, make every day count with a smile!

If you were to write a book about yourself, what would you name it?

'Brooklyn Story'

What places have you lived in?

Brooklyn, Boston, San Diego.

The healthy office; Investing more into your people

Photo: b + c portfolio 'Living Wall Installation' at Chosen Foods 

Photo: b + c portfolio 'Living Wall Installation' at Chosen Foods 

Small cubicles, silent offices, and sad fluorescent lighting...sound like a place you want to be? I didn't think so. It's no doubt that having a healthy work culture is key in the workplace today. Employees are the most valuable asset to a company. If your employees aren't happy, how do you expect them to produce successful work for you? Employee well-being has become a major priority for workplace design. It goes beyond the modern work space and finest amenities. These include: biophilic design, wellness programs, healthful eating options, and more physical activity through out the day. 


Biophilic Design

The word Biophilia means 'love of nature'. It describes the deep-seated connection humans feel towards nature itself. As  our world has continued to become more densely populated and more people are living in urban areas, we have decreased the use of our natural world. It is vital that we reconnect with the environment.

Given that we have this natural connection to nature, it is important for our overall well-being to incorporate it more into the place that we spend most of our According to The World Health Organization, stress related illnesses like mental health disorders and cardiovascular disease will be the two largest contributors to disease by 2020. Biophilic design has been known to improve memory, mood, attention span, stress, inflammation, and immunity. Businesses that incorporate biophilic design have seen a 13% higher level of well-being and an 8% increase in productivity.

Wellness programs 

Wellness programs include a number of activities and benefits that encourage health and well-being in the workplace. Some companies may have an on-site gym where employees can exercise at after the work day. Smaller companies may encourage employees to form fitness groups or reward the most active employees by using wearable tracking. Social activities can also be apart of a wellness program, as mental health is just as important as physical health. 

Healthy eating options 

This one can be a bit tricky since not everyone has the same tastes in food. However, giving people options to choose is the important part. Providing healthy food choices at work can be appreciated by some, but it is important not to eliminate other options. Some companies provide a healthy meal at meetings, parties, and events. Other companies provide weekly lunches free of charge. Another option would be to replace some of the snacks in the vending machines with healthier options. You can't force your employees to eat healthy. The choice is ultimately up to them, but it can definitely be encouraged. 

More physical activity through out the day

The last tip is promoting more physical activity throughout the day. This can technically fall under the wellness program. Again, you can't force people to get up out of their chairs and run around the office but you can give them the option so that it is available to them. These can include standing meetings, sit-to-stand desks, lunchtime walks, cycle to work days where employees can ride their bikes to work, or even a five minute stretching session next to an employees desk can help unwind. 


A healthy office is a happy office; emotionally and physically. It is important to take care of your employees. There are many cost-effective way to improve the overall well-being of your work culture. Developing and promoting healthy options will increase productivity and morale around the office. 





Kimball Joelle


Welcome to Kimball's most charming piece, Joelle. Joelle's small size fits anywhere without crowding a space. It is easy to reconfigure and is perfect for impromptu meetings. Mix and match pieces to create flexible and comfortable seating. Joelle comes with a variety of contrasting fabrics options to add personality. 




Seating options:  

- Round back

- Angled back (w/ or w/out power) 

- Modular ottoman

Ottoman options: 

- Round ancillary 

- Square ancillary 

- Trapezoid ancillary 


- White

- Black

- Red

- Orange

- Gold

- Navy

- Brown

- Green

- Dark jade


For more information regarding the Joelle seating option, please contact 

CEU Sustainability & Mixology Event

Another successful event at b + c! We are very pleased to have had another great event in our showroom this past Wednesday evening. b + c Office Interiors teamed up with ergonomic furniture manufacturer Humanscale to bring designers the CEU Beyond Sustainability & Mixology Event. In honor of April being Earth month, we wanted to create an event that would be a night filled with ways to help our Earth through furniture and mixology! Sitting in fancy furniture and sipping refreshing cocktails sounds pretty fun, right? Well it was!  

Our event featured Humanscale’s Director or Work Place Strategy, Jon Strassner. Jon gave an informative speech regarding sustainability within the furniture industry. He provided tips and tools on how we in the furniture industry can be more aware of how we are not only making but disposing our furniture. It is important for every company to practice socially responsible habits to help make our world a healthier place.

Photo by b + c Office Interiors; Humanscale speaker Jon Strassner 

Photo by b + c Office Interiors; Humanscale speaker Jon Strassner 

After Jon’s speech our event also featured a mixology session where local mixologist Sam Peters showed guests how to re purpose ingredients to make a craft cocktail. This was super fun. Sam showed us how to make your own simple syrup from lemons, limes, oranges, etc. He provided a refreshingly well-balanced vodka or gin cocktail with freshly squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup (that he made himself), and a dehydrated lemon/lime garnish.

Photo by b + c Office Interiors; Mixologist Sam Peters

Photo by b + c Office Interiors; Mixologist Sam Peters

Needless to say our guests received A LOT of information last night. We are very thankful to have put on such a great event with Humanscale and are looking forward to many more b + c events in our San Diego Showroom.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our most recent event! Stay tuned for more creative expressions by b + c Office Interiors. 

Spring Cleaning; tips to keeping your work desk clutter free!


There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re drowning in paperwork at your desk. It is very easy to accumulate clutter in your desk around your work area. We all do it! All of the sudden it’s 2:00pm, you look down, and BOOM…clutter…everywhere. As if work isn’t already stressful enough, you become even more overwhelmed knowing you have all of this mess devouring you. Sound familiar?

Luckily, we know exactly how you feel…and we’re here to help.

It is important to have a relaxed mind while you’re at work, not only for productivity, but for creativity as well. Your desk is where you create. It is a place where you come up with innovative solutions. It is also a place where you’re at for most of the day, so why keep it messy?

In with the old and out with the new. This is the first step to keeping your desk clutter free. There is nothing wrong with keeping old projects but get ‘em out of the way! Freeing up new space can make a big difference.

Organization is HUGE…for obvious reasons. This is one of the main reasons spaces become cluttered. Use folders/dividers to help label and store your things. Walmart has a ton of inexpensive, cute accessories you can purchase to help maintain a clean surface. Make a place for your things so you can put them back when you are finished.

Designate one day out of the week to de-clutter. Set a goal for yourself to clean out your desk every Friday or every Monday. This way you can leave for the weekend feeling accomplished, or start the week out already feeling accomplished. The choice is up to you!

Lastly, spice up your desk with some aesthetically pleasing items. A small plant, a picture, or even a motivating quote that you enjoy. Make your desk a place where you want to be, so your mind is able to produce more. The more welcoming your environment is, the more you will be able to boost your creativity and productivity.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to keep a clutter free work space! Stay tuned for more creative expressions by b + c Office Interiors.    

San Diego Office Design

San Diego is a strong, yet highly competitive, business environment. Competition for customers as well as for employees can turn on any number of factors, but how you design your interior spaces is certainly among them. The functionality, attractiveness, and innovative ambiance you create with your office furniture makes San Diego office design choices of true business significance. For this reason, many San Diego companies turn to b+c Office Interiors to help them in optimizing their space planning and office design, whether for furnishing new buildings, renovation projects, or commercial relocations.

b+c Office Interiors serves a wide spectrum of industries in San Diego, Las Vegas, and throughout the U.S. Their expertise in saving money and creating a healthy, fresh work environment are frequently called upon for San Diego office design projects and for design work the healthcare, government services, education, and financial sectors. All of these industries involve extremely important activities, deeply impacting people's future as to health, finances, career path, and more. And b+c Office Interiors is easily the premier, high-end provider of innovative design solutions for these industries and more in San Diego and beyond.

San Diego Office Furniture Design Solutions

Our San Diego office design solutions at b+c Office Interiors are not just theoretical, but we have implemented them numerous times before with stunning results. We have many satisfied clients and many repeat clients. We always work with you to create the exact results you desire and strive to make each project a veritable work of art. Take a look at some of the impressive results of past projects in our portfolio, such as those done for Chosen Foods, Kyriba, National Residential, or Webroot.

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of San Diego office design, b+c Office Interiors takes you to the next level. Their special partnership with Kimball, Humanscale, Izzy Plus, Trendway, Inscape, and other top office furniture manufacturers ensures you always get the highest possible quality. It also ensures your products are readily available and that you are "doing your part" when it comes to sustainability and environmental issues. B+c staff will work with you to provide creative benching and seating solutions that save space, encourage team work, and promote productivity. B+c will also help you with storage spaces, ergonomic design, private offices, meeting rooms, and more. To learn more or to schedule a project, contact b+c Office Interiors at 858-549-3735 or by filling out our online contact form.

IIDA Fashion Show 2016

IIDA Fashion Show 2016 - Click the image for full details.

IIDA Fashion Show 2016 - Click the image for full details.

There’s an eager buzz around the b+c office today as the event we’ve waited months for finally arrives. Tonight is the International Interiors Design Association SoCal’s Haute Couture Fashion Show 2016. With a truly marvelous “Once Upon a Time” theme, the evening is sure to be filled with enchantment, as designers harness the Fairy Godmother’s magic to transform ordinary building materials into captivating works of sartorial art.


Having participated in previous years, b+c office interiors is going this evening as a purely excited spectator and can’t wait to experience the wonder that awaits.


The IIDA SoCal Fashion Show “Once Upon a Time” is tonight, 11/10, at the House of Blues San Diego. Doors open at 5:30pm, and the night will wrap up by 9pm so there’s no fear of turning into a pumpkin at midnight.


We’ll be posting pictures of the enchanted evening soon, so be sure to check them out!

Does Your Office Furniture Promote Your Brand?

Office furniture isn’t just functional in the traditional sense. The setup of your space speaks volumes about your company and the reality of your company’s culture. It’s all well and good to promote a laid-back environment, but if your office furniture is set up in a way that deters people from interacting or being comfortable, it’s a disservice to your company’s core values.


The kind of desk you need depends entirely on the culture you’re working towards.


Creative businesses want to focus on shared workstations to encourage communication and foster creativity. Kimball’s Hum is designed to accommodate the way your team works: as a group and as individuals. With customizable See-Me-Screens, you can focus on your work without feeling boxed in and it makes it easy to collaborate when needed. Plus, with so many design options Hum is bound to fit your aesthetic while promoting your brand.

(Photo Source:  Kimball )

(Photo Source: Kimball)

Companies that emphasize health and wellness might consider investing in height-adjustable desks to off-set some of the negative side effects of the mostly sedentary office life. Workrite has several options for different price points, including electric, crank, and counter balance desks. Their Essentia Electric comes in two different configurations and features programmable settings, so once you find the sit and stand heights that work best for you, you won’t lose precious time fiddling with the controls again.

(Photo Source:  Workrite )

(Photo Source: Workrite)


Consistency is vital when cultivating your brand. You expect your employees to not only follow but actively uphold your company’s values. Your office furniture needs to be doing the same. If it’s not, contact b + c office interiors to learn how to make your office furniture work for your brand. 

Halloween Like It Used to Be

When I was eight years old, I had three different Halloween costumes. I marched in the school parade as Princess Jasmine and sashayed across the ballet studio as the Pink Power Ranger. For the main trick-or-treating event, I twisted rubber snakes into my hair, put on the previous year’s Morticia Addams dress, and called myself Medusa.


Now that I’m older, I look forward to hosting pumpkin carving gatherings and count down the days until it’s acceptable to bring out the Halloween lights. It doesn’t take much for me to get into that spooky spirit.


That being said, I do recognize that it’s not exactly sensible to go all out in the office. It’s probably not the best idea to deck everyone’s desk out with zombie caution tape, bring in a fog machine, or stick fake bloody handprints on the windows, especially if you frequently have clients in and out of the office. For the office, we might need to a “less is more” approach.


Tone down the decorating. Rather than picking up plastic monster tablecloths from Party City, why not invest in some quality harvest themed decorations that’ll last for years and can be used for both Halloween and Thanksgiving?


To get your office involved, give everyone their own mini pumpkin and have them deck it out with paint, markers, and stickers. You could assign each department a theme to work with (Things That Go Bump in the Night, Friends of Witches, Sea Creatures, etc.) or hold a contest to pick winners like “Scariest Face,” and “Friendliest Ghost.”


Candy has become an integral part of our Halloween traditions. But buying a bag just isn’t satisfying. Let’s bring back everyone’s favorite childhood activity: trick or treating. Place bowls of candy around and have each department take turns going around the office.


Too much of the childhood spirit gets lost in the day to day grind of being an adult. Halloween is a chance to reconnect to that whimsical nature you once had. I get it—responsibilities should come before dressing up like Batman, but on Halloween maybe there can be a bit more leeway. 

Acme 50

Acme 50 – Living Building Challenge Compliant


At b+c office interiors, we do what we can to help the environment while promoting a healthy workplace. Which is why we were excited to hear that Inscape’s Acme 50 seamless glass walls were deemed Living Building Challenge compliant. In a nutshell, this means that Acme 50 is made from materials that do not include known harmful, toxic chemicals. Yay!


Acme 50 is a seamless glass wall that lets you define your office space without closing it off. With unlimited frame color options, Acme 50 blends into your company aesthetic and enhances the architectural flow so you can have the feel of an open office without having to worry about any of the noise. 


For more information on Inscape and The Living Building Challenge:

Click Here.

If you want to find out how Acme 50 can work for your office space, contact b+c office interiors to get started!


The Cold (Office) War

We’re all familiar with the pitfalls of modern temperature control. If you’ve worked in an office for any amount of time, you’ve undoubtedly seen the fallout – coworkers huddled over their desks, barely visible beneath sweaters and blankets, clutching their third cup of coffee not because they’re tired but because their fingers are icicles.

Having been there ourselves, b + c office interiors has some tips we’re pretty sure you’ll warm up to.

1. Let’s Be Friends

If you’re unable to control the temperature in your office suite for any number of reasons, bring the issue up to whoever does, which is most likely the building manager. It seems pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people think they just have to power through the shivers.

Send your building manager a friendly email or give them a call. It’s possible no one has mentioned it to them so they didn’t know you had to employ penguins instead of people.

Appeal to their humanity and tell them poor Janet in accounting is floating away on an iceberg. Or if they’re more analytical-minded, quote the Cornell Study that states warmer temperatures lead to better productivity and fewer employee typing errors. If all else fails, remind them how much money they could save if they raise the temperature just a few degrees.

Oh, and don’t forget to thank your building manager once you’ve thawed out. They’ll appreciate it. 

2. Play Musical Chairs

Not all the time, of course. But if your desk is directly under a vent and you’re bundled up like it’s the Ice Age, see if you can switch stations with someone who might welcome the draft. 

3. I Have So Many Layers, I Might as Well Be an Onion

If you can’t solve the problem, you’ll have to find a way to make it work for you. While it might not look the most professional to be bundled up in a wool sweater or burritoed in a blanket, your chilly coworkers will understand. 

4. Bring on the Heat

If your office doesn’t allow personal space heaters for safety reasons, fear not. There are some non-electric alternatives that won’t burn the place down if left unattended.

I’ve used those mini hand and feet warmers while skiing and they’re surprisingly effective. If they can defrost my perpetually cold hands after I dropped my gloves in the snow, they’ll definitely work in the office.

You might laugh at this one, but again...I’m speaking from personal experience. When I lived in England, our house was drafty and damp, and I wasn’t sure I’d last the winter without hibernating. Until a friend suggested a hot water bottle. They aren’t as popular in the US, which is a shame, but you can buy them on Amazon for about $10, and with a cute fleece or knit cover those puppies will stay hot for a while. It was honestly one of my best purchases. 


5. Start a Parade

Even if it’s just a one-person parade (i.e. you) marching around the office. You could probably use a break from staring at the computer and the brief exercise will invigorate you. Plus, you’ll bump into coworkers, which many offices are now encouraging in order to spark discussions that could lead to innovations.

Or, if you work with enthusiastic, celebratory people, you could actually start a parade. Might even turn into a fun new office tradition. 

Desk Light Designed For Your Eyes

Desk Light & Everyday Computer Use

I wear my sunglasses at night.

Not really, but almost. I’ve got pale blue eyes, which makes them highly susceptible to light. In the morning when I come into the office it takes a couple hours for my eyes to fully adjust, especially with the overhead lights and glare from the computer. If it was professionally acceptable, I’d absolutely wear my sunglasses indoors for a bit.

Regardless of your light threshold, the strain we put on our eyes during the average week is not to be trifled with. Staring at screens for eight hours a day is causing more and more office workers to develop symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome, which I’ll admit doesn’t sound like a real thing but actually is.

Having grown up with computers, my sensitive blue eyes are more than familiar with screen glare, but recently they’ve been getting painfully dry. I’ve gotten eye drops and all that, but if something isn’t done about the problem itself, I’ll just keep treating symptoms.


Natural OLED Desk Light by Workrite

That’s why I’m stoked about the Natural OLED Desk Light from Workrite. This task light emits a light so similar to natural sunlight, I might be able to get away with wearing my sunglasses inside. Okay, probably not, but it is designed to consistently project its light without producing any glare, UV, or blue light, making it the optimal task light for the office.

Even if your eyes aren’t as sensitive as mine, they still need to be protected from the strain you put on them just by doing your job. With the touch sensitive dimming switch on the Natural OLED Desk Light, you can change the brightness as your eyes change throughout the day so your desk is always properly illuminated. In the movement towards healthy offices and workers, let’s not turn a blind eye to...well, our eyes.

If you’re interested in the Natural OLED Desk Light or want to make some changes to your office, b+c office interiors is here to light the way! 

desk light

B+C Wants You!

We currently have two opportunities for motivated individuals who want to be part of a growing and supportive team. If you’ve always wanted to work with b+c Office Interiors, now’s your chance! Or if you know someone who’s amazing, send them our way!

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Business Development/Outside Sales

b+c is looking for a motivated, sustainable, and energetic salesperson to take on the Business Development position and focus on developing customers in the San Diego market. This individual will be responsible for developing and handling the account management of these clients, which includes initiating and closing profitable furniture sales.


Primary Responsibilities:

·       Serves as the primary contact for the client during the sales process and works with the other furniture support functions (design, project management, furniture sales support, etc.) to ensure that client needs are met and client satisfaction is achieved.

·       Prospect in the local marketplace for new furniture opportunities.

·       Develop local business relationships with various influencers (A/D community, commercial real estate brokers, moving companies, etc.) in order to identify potential opportunities early.

·       Provide account management services and develop new business with existing clients.

·       Respond to new sales opportunities including RFPs and prospect for new business.

·       Lead the development of creative and innovative solutions to meet client needs with support team to provide solutions that meet client functional, aesthetic, and budgetary requirements.

·       Consistently meet and exceed sales targets set by b+c.

·       Presenting b+c products and services to clients through direct communication in face to face meetings, video or web meetings, telephone calls, and emails.

·       Managing and maintaining a pipeline and ensuring all sales information is current using CRM software.

·       Perform other duties as assigned.



·       At least 2+ years professional sales experience.

·       Proven success in your sales ability and demonstrate full knowledge of the sales process.

·       Demonstrated customer focus and strong relationship building skills.

·       Demonstrated computer proficiency – Microsoft Office suite, email, internet, etc.



·       Prior experience in the office furniture industry is a plus but not mandatory.

·       Excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.

·       Advanced verbal and written communication skills.

·       Ability to work in an unstructured environment.

·       Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks.

·       Demonstrated analytical, negotiating, and problem-solving skills.

·       Ability to work in a team environment.

·       Candidate should competitive and self-motivated as well as possess the ability to balance their needs with the needs of the company


To apply for the Business Development/Outside Sales position with b+c, please submit a cover letter and resume to:

Furniture Application Specialist/Design

b+c is looking for a team player to support our sales staff and operations manager on projects ranging in size from small opportunities to 500 station jobs. We need a strong communicator and someone who cares about getting designs back to the sales team in a timely manner.

Only candidates with corporate furniture experience will be considered.



·       Demonstrated computer proficiency – Microsoft Office suite, email, internet, etc.

·       AutoCAD software.

·       1+ years working with 20/20 CAP Designer software including Worksheet and Visual Impressions.



·       Detail oriented with strong organizational skills.

·       Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks.

·       Good interpersonal skills, a positive attitude, and a can-do mentality.

·       Demonstrated analytical and problem-solving skills.

·       Ability to work in a team environment.

·       Exceptional customer service skills – we believe in customers first and do whatever it takes to make them happy.


To apply for the Furniture Application Specialist/Design position with b+c, please submit a cover letter and resume to


We look forward to hearing from you! 

Life! Liberty! And the Pursuit of Happiness!

Liberty Office Chairs Optimized by Humanscale

Think about your office chair for a moment. Now, think about your typical day at work. You’re sitting at your desk, crossing and uncrossing your legs, stretching them out when you recline, and you can feel all the hours of sitting there building up in your knees and knotting up your back muscles. How often do you have to mess around with the lumbar support because you can’t get it just right? Or do you just leave alone because it’s too much hassle?

Office chairs don’t need to be complicated. They do need to be comfortable. If you’re frustrated by trying to get comfortable, your chair isn’t doing its job and it’s not letting you do yours.

With the Liberty chair from Humanscale, you don’t have to worry about any of that. The seat back naturally adjusts to the optimal position based on the way you’re sitting, and the mesh back contours to your body. So no matter how you’re sitting, you’re getting the best lumbar support without having to change the chair’s settings or even stand up. 

Photo Source: Humanscale

office chairs

An Office Love Story

The Perfect Office Chair

You knew it right away. You had finally found The One. The One that fit all the qualities you were looking for in an office chair, and when you sat down, you just knew.

At your desk you got to know one another, adjusting the arm rests, raising the seat to the right height for your posture. This chair supported you, comforted you.  

A year goes by. Maybe two. Maybe more. You come to the office in the morning, sit down with your coffee, and get to work. But your back hurts after a few hours of sitting and you start to fidget. You aren’t sure the chair can offer you the same support it once did. So you play around with the lumbar adjustments and sit on a pillow for cushioning, knowing these are just temporary solutions.

Sometimes you can make it work. Sometimes you can’t. That’s okay. Office chairs are built for durability and every day use, but they’re going to age with you and won’t always be the best fit for your health.

When it’s time to move on and your office chair’s wheels no longer roll, B+C Office Interiors is here to help you find the office chair that can give you the support you deserve.

office chair



Kimball Pairings Collection

Pair Up with Kimball and B+C Office Interiors

Before joining the B+C Office Interiors family, I had an antiquated idea of what an “office” was.

Like many recent grads, I was over-educated and under-qualified for most jobs and I found myself in what was essentially the modern version of a telemarketing company. You know the kind: grey and beige cubicles, “motivational” posters taped to the walls, and most importantly products to sell that were as transitory as the employees.

It was hard to imagine any kind of flexibility in the workplace, and I started asking myself if we’re all beautiful, individual snowflakes, why are we okay with working in such a uniform way?

The office design industry had already been wondering about that. The result was a complete overhaul of what an “office” needed to be, starting with the office furniture.

Just take a look at Kimball Pairings collection.

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   (Photo Source:  Kimball )  Want a little more variety in your office? Contact B+C Office Interiors to get started! 

(Photo Source: Kimball) Want a little more variety in your office? Contact B+C Office Interiors to get started! 

Because Kimball understands that sometimes productivity can be kick started by a new environment, they created Pairings. It’s the epitome of what it means to be functional and versatile. With adaptable chairs, benches, and privacy panels Pairings can create form in an open plan or fit the layout you already have.

In my cubicle-filled first job, if I hit a mental block and needed a change of scenery, my only option was the drab and uninspiring break room. Now I can step away from my desk and keep working at Pairings’ coffee house-like counter or the comfortable relaxed lounge chairs. It was designed to work the way each beautiful, individual snowflake does.