CEU Sustainability & Mixology Event

Another successful event at b + c! We are very pleased to have had another great event in our showroom this past Wednesday evening. b + c Office Interiors teamed up with ergonomic furniture manufacturer Humanscale to bring designers the CEU Beyond Sustainability & Mixology Event. In honor of April being Earth month, we wanted to create an event that would be a night filled with ways to help our Earth through furniture and mixology! Sitting in fancy furniture and sipping refreshing cocktails sounds pretty fun, right? Well it was!  

Our event featured Humanscale’s Director or Work Place Strategy, Jon Strassner. Jon gave an informative speech regarding sustainability within the furniture industry. He provided tips and tools on how we in the furniture industry can be more aware of how we are not only making but disposing our furniture. It is important for every company to practice socially responsible habits to help make our world a healthier place.

 Photo by b + c Office Interiors; Humanscale speaker Jon Strassner 

Photo by b + c Office Interiors; Humanscale speaker Jon Strassner 

After Jon’s speech our event also featured a mixology session where local mixologist Sam Peters showed guests how to re purpose ingredients to make a craft cocktail. This was super fun. Sam showed us how to make your own simple syrup from lemons, limes, oranges, etc. He provided a refreshingly well-balanced vodka or gin cocktail with freshly squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup (that he made himself), and a dehydrated lemon/lime garnish.

 Photo by b + c Office Interiors; Mixologist Sam Peters

Photo by b + c Office Interiors; Mixologist Sam Peters

Needless to say our guests received A LOT of information last night. We are very thankful to have put on such a great event with Humanscale and are looking forward to many more b + c events in our San Diego Showroom.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our most recent event! Stay tuned for more creative expressions by b + c Office Interiors. 

Spring Cleaning; tips to keeping your work desk clutter free!


There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re drowning in paperwork at your desk. It is very easy to accumulate clutter in your desk around your work area. We all do it! All of the sudden it’s 2:00pm, you look down, and BOOM…clutter…everywhere. As if work isn’t already stressful enough, you become even more overwhelmed knowing you have all of this mess devouring you. Sound familiar?

Luckily, we know exactly how you feel…and we’re here to help.

It is important to have a relaxed mind while you’re at work, not only for productivity, but for creativity as well. Your desk is where you create. It is a place where you come up with innovative solutions. It is also a place where you’re at for most of the day, so why keep it messy?

In with the old and out with the new. This is the first step to keeping your desk clutter free. There is nothing wrong with keeping old projects but get ‘em out of the way! Freeing up new space can make a big difference.

Organization is HUGE…for obvious reasons. This is one of the main reasons spaces become cluttered. Use folders/dividers to help label and store your things. Walmart has a ton of inexpensive, cute accessories you can purchase to help maintain a clean surface. Make a place for your things so you can put them back when you are finished.

Designate one day out of the week to de-clutter. Set a goal for yourself to clean out your desk every Friday or every Monday. This way you can leave for the weekend feeling accomplished, or start the week out already feeling accomplished. The choice is up to you!

Lastly, spice up your desk with some aesthetically pleasing items. A small plant, a picture, or even a motivating quote that you enjoy. Make your desk a place where you want to be, so your mind is able to produce more. The more welcoming your environment is, the more you will be able to boost your creativity and productivity.

I hope you enjoyed these tips on how to keep a clutter free work space! Stay tuned for more creative expressions by b + c Office Interiors.